ABOUT US - Your Tour Company

We are a tour company focused on tours to only three countries and catering to the wishes of our guests. We provide small group safaris to allow our guides to cater the tour to our guests and to truly care for every detail from the time they pick you up at the airport, until we return you to the airport for your travel home, and we say farewell for now.


Our guides will share stories of the animals and their characteristics as well as their experiences with the animals and the true culture of the area. The guides have many years of experience observing the area and know the people, their traditions, and their beliefs and are happy to share this with you.


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We protect the wildlife and their environment through responsible use of the parks they live in.

I travelled to Tanzania and felt the generosity and caring nature of the people in Tanzania and Kenya and how they protect the wildlife that have provided them with a good living. I came home wanting to give back to the people of Tanzania as not all its people are as fortunate due to circumstances beyond their control. For this reason I will make a donation to the widows of Tanzania that are hard working loving parents that find it difficult to provide what they would like for their children such as education, school uniforms, and many things that will help make those children successful. You can enjoy the many pleasures of Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa and help mothers to ensure their children are successful.

For this we thank you and we are happy to welcome you as our guests.